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A Movement

of Movements

Visual Agroecology is a WebDoc about the agroecological movement in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Using visuals (photos and videos), it showcases efforts in the agroecological movement towards building sustainable and just food systems.

Visual Agroecology is a window into qualitative fieldwork conducted as part of a PhD thesis in progress at the Center for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm in Vancouver, Canada, in partnership with the Brazilian NGO, the Center for the Study and Promotion of Group Agriculture (CEPAGRO).

This collection of notes, videos and photos are part of an ongoing development of the concept of 'Urban Agrarianism' and show connections that agroecology makes between the city and the countryside, both within and across urban and rural contexts. The site was assembled by Fernando Lisboa (research assistant on the project).

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The Urban section introduces some organizations are involved in urban agriculture in the City of Florianópolis. Agroecology happens in cities, through composting, urban gardens, urban farms and urban social networks. 

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The Country & City section focuses on the connection between urban and rural populations, through agroecological markets, social networks and educational actions to raise awareness about agroecology in the city and in the countryside.

This section shows rural examples of the struggle over land in the countryside, and efforts towards agrarian reform, establishing  agroecological networks and building relationships with rural and Indigenous communities.

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